Colposcopy is an examination of the cervix and vaginal walls with a special device - the colposcope, on a gynaecological chair under magnification several times with illumination. The name of the method of research "Colposcopy" comes from the words "colpo"- the vagina and "scope"- to look. The author of the method Hinselmahn Hans, first examined with a magnifying device cervical cancer.

Modern colposcopes  devices for colposcopy  optical devices with the possibility of increasing from 3 to 40 times, can be equipped with light filters that help to more clearly assess the vessels of the cervix.

In modern diagnostic centres, colposcopy of photo and video colposcopy is performed. Photo and video colposcopy can store the data of cervical study for comparison in the future, it is crucial to assess the dynamics of the pathological process- cervical erosion, cervical dysplasia, cervical effectiveness of treatment.

We provide expert assisted colposcopy treatment at our clinic.