Normal Delivery and Caesarean section
Childbirth is a crucial moment that you can remember all your life. We remember the pain, the staff in the delivery room, the time spent waiting, the work, the arrival of the child as a deliverance and intense happiness.
There are as many ways of giving birth as women. Each mother is different according to her experience, her pain, her experience.
Normal childbirth takes place as follows:
  • Beginning of work by slight and irregular contractions.
  • Intensification of work with closer and more intense contractions.
  • Departure for motherhood when contractions occur every ten minutes or to loss of water.
Caesarean section is one of the most common obstetric operations in the world. In the maternity wards "Mother and Child" the caesarean section is performed mainly with the use of spinal anaesthesia - the woman is conscious without experiencing pain.
The operation of caesarean section is carried out according to indications, which are the impossibility of spontaneous labour activity through the natural birth canals - physiological birth, danger to the health and life of the mother and child.