Teenage Clinic
Adolescence is the period of psychological development, triggered by the physiological changes of puberty, which enables the transition from childhood to adulthood.

It constitutes a normative crisis, that is to say, a normal phase of exacerbated conflicts, characterized by a fluctuation of the hormones and by a great potential of growth that makes the resolution of childhood conflicts possible.

In this new evolutionary phase, there are common feelings of anguish and confusion. Body modifications are often a source of anxiety because in place of the child's known body a new body emerges with proportions and functions as yet unknown.

Within the framework of a teenage clinic, which has been in operation for many years, a surgeon is being consulted, who is providing counselling to adolescents who have undergone surgery or before the forthcoming operation.
In connection with the increased incidence of obesity among adolescents, operations are performed to reduce the volume of the stomach, requiring a special approach in this age group.

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